A tale of curious feet and an itchy soul

Okay, so the jokes up, who fell for it?

Go on, put your hands up. Who out there thought that I was really in trouble for a second there?


Queue tumbleweed


Okay, so maybe 5 people in the world thought I was in trouble and thus became thoroughly relieved and disappointed simultaneously to find out that, no nothing was wrong, I was just posting another silly video again.

So just to clarify, if you recieved an Email that looked like this:


Then, unfortunately you’re on the list of people who I thought cared enough to read the thing through but who weren’t so worried that the sight of the email would give you heart attack….

Granted, I decided to compile this list of people at sometime around 4or 5am after staying up all night putting the thing together after I finished drinking (that’s right, that’s what I like to do on a Saturday night…. god have pity upon my wretched soul…) so there were a few noticealbe holes in my masterful ploy. Most noticeably of course had something to do with the name that I decided to make the fake email account under… In all of my genius and wisdom at 4am with half a head full of beer.

I thought it would be a great Idea to call this fictional government official “Douchey Mcfacehead” definitely the name of someone with courage, dignity and esteem if you ask me. And as it turns out, when you send someone an email, this information (the name of the sender) is one of the first things that the receiver will read… even before the the subject of the email…

Which really threw a spanner in the works for me there…..


So unfortunately Mr McFacehead’s cover was blown this time thanks to a distinct lack of forethought the splash I was aiming for ended up more like a slap in the face with a  limp fish.

In anycase, I thought it would be a crime to put all of that effort into somethign and then not share it publicly with my friends and family, so I’ve linked the monstrosity to this post.

So without encouraging any further prefrontal inhibition ENJOY:


Foreign Relations Update Web Log.


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