A tale of curious feet and an itchy soul

My letter to my dear old Bank

So I wrote this Letter to my bank after they gave me an email address to voice my customer complaints over that did not involve their public Facebook account. However, I am aware of their tactics and I will not be silenced dammit!

So this is what I wrote them

Dear Commonwealth Bank

So, I am sending an email to this address however I am pretty much expecting the same passing of the buck that I have received thus far in regard to the whereabouts of my credit card. I’ll start from the beginning.

I realized that my credit card had expired just as I was attempting to buy airline tickets to get back to Australia, so I immediately contacted Commonwealth bank to get one sent to me, at which time they told me that one had already been sent to my old postal address (which is of little use to me).
So I thought it would be a better idea to cancel that card and have them send me a new one. Because it would be more likely that my bank would be quite reliable when it comes to international postage.
The telephone operator told me that it would take 10 working days to reach me… it has now been more like 20 “working days” and still no sign of my Credit card. 
Now I’m beginning to wonder if the address that my card was sent to was the correct one, and that it was in fact even sent to the right country. I do recall the telephone operator confusing my Country of residence, to which I assured her that I was living in TAIWAN and not ThaiLAND. 
So I recently sent an inquiry over my NETBANK account about the actual address that my card was sent to and I haven’t since heard a reply. 
And after have a brief look at The Commonwealth Bank’s Facebook page, all that I can see are people who are similarly displeased with this organisations performance.

Perhaps if less time and effort was spent on Public Relations and more time and effort on actually improving customer service and company policy then we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.

So, if you can tell me where my credit card is -TRUTHFULLY- then this auxiliary Facebook marketing service would appear to be more competent than the actual company it wishes to promote. 
Good for you, but bad for company image. 
Such a dichotomy, whatever shall you do?


Quinn Seaton


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