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The great waterfall expedition

The first published video from Happy Bear Productions



I’ve just started using a new video editing software and I’m still getting used to it. Let me know what you think of this one :)


Okay, so the jokes up, who fell for it?

Go on, put your hands up. Who out there thought that I was really in trouble for a second there?


Queue tumbleweed


Okay, so maybe 5 people in the world thought I was in trouble and thus became thoroughly relieved and disappointed simultaneously to find out that, no nothing was wrong, I was just posting another silly video again.

So just to clarify, if you recieved an Email that looked like this:


Then, unfortunately you’re on the list of people who I thought cared enough to read the thing through but who weren’t so worried that the sight of the email would give you heart attack….

Granted, I decided to compile this list of people at sometime around 4or 5am after staying up all night putting the thing together after I finished drinking (that’s right, that’s what I like to do on a Saturday night…. god have pity upon my wretched soul…) so there were a few noticealbe holes in my masterful ploy. Most noticeably of course had something to do with the name that I decided to make the fake email account under… In all of my genius and wisdom at 4am with half a head full of beer.

I thought it would be a great Idea to call this fictional government official “Douchey Mcfacehead” definitely the name of someone with courage, dignity and esteem if you ask me. And as it turns out, when you send someone an email, this information (the name of the sender) is one of the first things that the receiver will read… even before the the subject of the email…

Which really threw a spanner in the works for me there…..


So unfortunately Mr McFacehead’s cover was blown this time thanks to a distinct lack of forethought the splash I was aiming for ended up more like a slap in the face with a  limp fish.

In anycase, I thought it would be a crime to put all of that effort into somethign and then not share it publicly with my friends and family, so I’ve linked the monstrosity to this post.

So without encouraging any further prefrontal inhibition ENJOY:


Foreign Relations Update Web Log.



This is a serious issue that will doubtlessly play a very important role in the fate of the world as we know it in the foreseeable future.

It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s  real, solid facts. And who’s using it against whom or who has been using it all along to wet my friggin laundry every bloody sunday is not the issue here, despite my irrational irritations.

The real issue is very similar to the same issue posed to the founders of the first Genetic Engineers (i.e. Craig Venter and his fellow researchers) which is: if we do not put in measures to control this arising technology, where will we stop? We can already pull moisture from the sky with cloud machines,this is old technology.  And our understanding of nature and our planet is growing with every research paper written in the field of Environmental, Geological, Meteorlogical and  Biological studies.

An interesting point is that this video was recorded in 2007, 4 years ago…

With the information that is presently accessible to the masses it is a task hindered only by matters of credit to fill the sky with a cloud and cool the immediate atmosphere to the point where ice will fall from it. This much is common knowledge.

The next question I have lies in the ability to use the earth as an entire and complete system. This, will hopefully be the work of a group or a collective of those who have vested interests in the state of the global climate. A group who have known about the ramifications of using such technology and have taken into account the price of their actions. A group that will hopefully exercise virtue enough to take the interests of the sentient beings of this planet into account over the interests of their investment accounts.

What will happen in the years to come? What will the history books write of this chapter of human evolution and technological progression? What will they say of you? Will you be another of the lumpen proletariat, swayed by the whims of a bottomless advertising budget? Will you be the inverse, the nut-case, the conspiracy theorist, the old man shaking cats at passers by cursing their hearty contentment for food in the belly and pleasant enslavement to debt and taxes? OR will you be the emotionless dragons, the monsters, writhing in debts insurmountable, toying with the lives and well-being of millions over winning out in a game of numbers that ultimately signifies nothing? Will you be the brainwashed few with no real perspective for right and wrong but a driving need to accomplish all that you can for the sake of those who praise you? Will your words and equations never make it to peer reviewed journals for the sake of their utter secrecy?

Will you be the one of the many, who sleeps for the fear of a conspiracy crashing upon their heads? Who daren’t wake to see the age unfolding around them, to see the times changing, to see the lies as they present themselves? Will you be one of the many whose minds remain split, forever seeking the truth, forever trying to prove to themselves the reality that lies just beyond a small mental switch? Will you be one of those who knows in secret the strings of the world yet dare utter their name only with the reverence of Beelzebub himself?

Will you speak the truth as you know it in righteous earnestness? Will you state your opinion without fear of persecution? Will you hold your truth like you would a child, defending it from predators and extinction yet nurturing it enough to allow it to grow, loving it yet knowing it may leave you to perhaps one day return?

Think on this.

TED Blog | Geo-engineering to slow global warming: David Keith on TED.com.


Don’t Feel Sorry For Me: it’s my own fault.

So I’m not sure who caught me facebooking about this one, but there’s actually a sweet movie to go with it that I’ve been working on for a little while.

The content is questionable but the editing (I think) is possibly beginning to improve.


And just to clarify: I do actually have my passport and money and everything. I am quite an abnormality in Taiwan. People generally aren’t useless drunkards stumbling about the train lines, so I was helped very quickly and effectively by the train staff who generally don’t see too much of this happen. What a night!

Apologies and feasting

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy :)


Sending our wishes to heaven: The Pingxi Lantern Festival Fiasco

When I was first told about this tradition I was truly captivated by the idea. It’s a tradition of chinese new year to take a hot air balloon (a small one) with your wishes written on it and send them rocketing off into the sky to be (hopefully) answered by the heavens.  So here goes the story:

I was just reclining on the couch at the meeting place’s living area, doing some research into the going rate for proofreading services in Taiwan to see how much I could reasonably advertise my services for. When one of our resident lads from the motherland of the commonwealth piped up about going to see the lantern festival in Pingxi. Now, here I was thinking this would be just a fun, brief little outing. How very mistaken I was.

The best idea EVER!

Up the windy goattrack roads of Taipei’s Mist-swathed hinterland climbed a rickety bus crammed full of people. 7 of whom were not from ’round these parts, and bound for the magical healing springs of one of Taiwain’s famous Hot Springs.

Indoor luxury of cardio-endurance

The shimmering, still waters of this luxury hot spring cure all ails of stress.

After spending most of the day brewing in what seemed to be an actual people soup, tempering our skin by dunking in the boiling hot, then rolling into the freezing cold waters, alternating periodically depending on how far one was away from losing consciousness. By the end of the day all 7 of us were well and truly regressing into some kind of primitive cold-blooded state, completely without energy but so very relaxed.